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Best Online Yoga Classes Ireland

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Begin your practice in this class designed to help you create healthy habits and a strong foundation as you move forward in your practice.

Suitable for: Beginners and anyone who wants to focus on their poses and practice.

Effects: Relaxing, energising and uplifting. A great all-rounder class to improve mood, flexibility and physical function.

Mixed Level
An opportunity to continue building on the skills and alignment techniques in a more flowing class.

Suitable for: Confident beginners, improvers and those returning to their practice or those who wish to spend time on perfecting their alignment.

Effects: Builds strength, improves flexibility & balance whilst being uplifting and relaxing.

Intermediate / Advanced

Strong & Slow
A strong and stabilising intermediate class sequenced with more time for mindful attention and engagement through awareness.

Suitable for: Perfect for students who wish to practice precise alignment and are ready to explore the asana at a deeper and conscious level. Loved by Beginnings 2 students who are ready to challenge themselves and by intermediate and advanced enthusiasts for alignment awareness to support the more dynamic paced sequence of our flow class.

Effects: This class will help your alignment and build strength and integrity on and off the mat.

Quads and Hamstrings
A class where you'll strengthen the muscles on your thighs and stretch the back of your legs and your hamstrings.

Suitable for: Active students and those who are runners or like a dynamic practice.

Effects: A dynamic practice where you will feel the muscles on your legs working, along with your whole body. Great for strengthening the lower body and mental grounding.

Core Focus
A strong class that will work the muscles around your torso, from your pelvic floor muscles to your transerves abdominis, diaphragm and your abs.

Suitable for: Students who like strong poses and a challenge.

Effects: A strong core will improve our posture and will release any pain from your back and lower back.

The Ashtanga Primary series is a sequence of challenging fundamental asanas in a set sequence to open your body and create strength and stability.

Suitable For: Improvers, Intermediate & Advanced practitioners.

Effects: Develops strength, balance, stamina whilst detoxifying and uplifting.

Dynamic Flow
An Invigorating class for those who are comfortable with the Signature Series wanting to explore more intermediate asanas.

We include lots of warming vinyasas with a focus on the connection between breath and movement.

Suitable for: Those who like to flow through the signature series.

Effects: increasing strength and flexibility preparing for the peak poses

Advanced Flow
This vitalising advanced yoga practice will have plenty of vinyasas, challenging poses and a dynamic flow.

Suitable for: Advanced Practicioners.

Effects: Keeps you energised and focused.

Supple Spine and Shoulders Advanced
This advanced class is a perfect option for those who have tight shoulders or upper thoracic spine or those who sit all day in front of a computer.

Working your spine and shoulders, opening your chest and stretching your upper body are all great to improve your torso mobility and strength while releasing tension and stiffness from that area.

Suitable for: Advanced practicioners and active yogis.

Effects: Working on our spine also helps to regulate and balance our nervous system, improving mood.

All Levels

Restore & Revive
A mood-boosting class that is great for boosting mental health, relieving aches and pains and getting into a space of serious relaxation!

Suitable for: Open to absolutely all levels and abilities and great for people with limited mobility, athletes and advanced yoga practitioners looking to improve joint and connective tissue health.

Effects: Reduces anxiety, switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, promotes sound sleep, calms the mind and nourishes the joints and connective tissues. Excellent for immunity, endocrine health and all over wellbeing.

10 Minute Sleep Deep Yoga
Join us for a 10 minutes Shavasana that will send you straight to bed Starting with 5 rounds of Brahmari, to calm the mind, we follow with a relaxation script to calm your body as well. Grab your cushions, blankets and mat, dim the lights and relax.


Suitable for: Open to all levels.

Effects: . This short session aims to help you disconnect and fall asleep faster, but also to improve your sleep quality.

15 Minute Morning Boost
A short flowing practise to loosen your body after the night and build up energy to start your day.


Suitable for: Open to all levels.

Effects: . This short session aims to help you loosen your body and give you a morning yoga boost

Lunchtime Express Yoga
A short flowy practise to help you get away from your desk and on your mat.


Suitable for: Open to all levels.

Effects: Perfect class to release tension from your body, to disconnect your work mind and to bring yoga into your work day.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is designed to intentionally work with the connective tissues, including the ligaments & joints of the body that are not usually targeted as specifically in a regular class that focuses on using our muscles.

Yin Yoga is a more cooling practice that compliments and supports a more dynamic and heat building practice that we usually engage in during our yoga classes.

Suitable for: Open to all levels.

Effects: Yin Yoga is deeply restorative on a physical and mental level. It is excellent for those who practice dynamic yoga or sports and are looking to reduce injury and is also great for those looking to improve joint health

Yin/Yang Fusion
This class will be a balance of both passive, long-held stretches (Yin), working on the deep connective tissues, fascia and joints of the body & a more active flowy sequence (Yang) to target muscles and blood flow.

This class will also include meditation and pranayama.

Suitable for: Open to all levels.

Effects: Yin yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, making us more resilient to stress, it helps to stabilise blood pressure, helps us to sleep better and to give us a better introspective awareness of our body. Yang yoga increases blood flow to the muscles helping to stimulate our circulation and boost our immune function. It helps to strengthen, lengthen and oxygenate our muscles.

Gentle Glow
This slow & steady class is designed to help you de-stress and connect to yourself using hatha yoga postures in a sequence designed for mental and physical health promotion.

Suitable for: Open to absolutely all levels. This class is a relaxing way to explore your practice at any age, ability or background.

Effects: Promotes relaxation, muscle tone, joint health, a healthy nervous system, improved flexibility and coordination.

Gentle Evening Flow
By linking postures smoothly together with breath, this gentle, flowing class is like a moving meditation, allowing you to connect with yourself.

Suitable for: Open to absolutely all levels. Ideal for those who want to flow but without vigorous vinyasas or sun salutations.

Effects: Promotes relaxation, muscle tone, joint health, a healthy nervous system, improved flexibility and coordination.

Deep Rest for the Mind and Body
A relaxing class that includes restorative poses and a yoga Nidra at the end. We will then move into a Restorative Yoga practice to release physical tension, deeply relax your body, still your mind and boost your immune system.

Within this part of the class, your parasympathetic nervous system will be stimulated to counteract the body’s fight or flight response and will help to decrease built up stress or anxiety. We will finish with a full Yoga Nidra or “Yogic Sleep”. This is the systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. You will be lying down and will be talked through a body scan, breath awareness and visualisations to access your theta brain wave state for deep rest, transformation and healing.

Suitable for: This class is open to all levels.

Effects: This class is a total rest for the mind and nervous system and is proven to be a wonderful way of relieving stress. 1 hour of yoga nidra is considered to be as restful as 4 hours of sleep.

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness.This dynamic and energising practice includes lots of mantras, pranayama, and meditation. It offers a wonderful antidote to all the stresses and distractions of modern life.

Suitable for: Open to all levels.

Effects: Reduces anxiety and calms the mind. Strengthens the nervous system, and improves cardiovascular health.

Pregnancy Yoga
A class designed to benefit expectant moms and the babies they are carrying! Plenty of breath work and relaxation methods that can be brought into your birthing experience.

Suitable for: Open to absolutely all levels including those who have not done yoga before and established practitioners. Recommended after your 13th week of pregnancy.

Effects: Improves sleep, promotes calm & relaxation, boosts mood and energy and relieves pain associated with pregnancy.

Yoga For Runners and Athletes
This series of yoga for athletes classes will build from the ground up.

Suitable for: The classes are open to all, no matter what age or level of physical fitness, as having an agile, balanced and coordinated body is a goal we should all strive to achieve and maintain.


Effects: Those who attend will get to know their bodies joint by joint and muscle by muscle, they will learn its strengths and areas where they need to work. In this way they will build up a repository of knowledge that will support and enhance their training and performance in their chosen sport. It will also, if they adopt a regular practice, improve their overall quality of sleep and ability to relax and recover.

Mixed Level Flow
With new themes every week, this class will explore everything from shoulders to core, hips to hamstrings and quads, in a flowy energetic pace.


Suitable for: This is suitable for beginners but anyone who practices can enjoy it.

Effects: Explore all parts of your body through flowing poses.

Progress your Practise
A great class to improve your practice, working on alignments and posture, with tips on how to adjust your poses to get the full benefits out of your class.

Suitable for: all yogis who would like tips on how to use props and how to to make your yoga better for you.

Effects: this class is for all beginners and improves who want a deeper understanding of their practice.

Monthly Themed Classes

We keep our sequences fresh and engaging! Every 3 weeks we introduce new styles, classes and themes that help us get the most out of our practise.

Our clients love the variety such as Yoga for Runners, Arm Balances and Inversions, Chakra & Prana Flow, Yoga for the Vagus Nerve, Supple Spine and Shoulders and many many more!

Class Schedule

Monday to Sunday

Explore our full weekly schedule of live yoga classes

06:55 | 15 minutes | Morning Boost with Monica
07:15 | 45 minutes | Themed class with Monica
10:00 | 60 minutes | Yin Yoga with Lauren
17:30 | 60 minutes | Mixed Level Chakra Flow with Lauren
18:45 | 60 minutes | Strong and Slow Intermediate with Jeanette
20:00 | 60 minutes | Restore And Revive with Gavin

06:55 | 15 minutes | Morning Boost with Melissa
| 45 minutes | Ashtanga Intermediate with Melissa
10:00 | 60 minutes | Themed class with Jeanette
18:00 | 30 minutes | Yin/ Yang with Gavin 
19:15 | 30 minutes | Beginners Yoga with Gavin

06:55 | 15 minutes | Morning Boost with Jeanette
07:15 | 45 minutes | Advance your practice with Jeanette
10:00 | 60 minutes | Mixed Level Community Class with Monica
18:30 | 60 minutes | Themed class with Jeanette
19:45 | 60 minutes | Gentle Evening Flow with Jeanette

06:55 | 15 minutes | Morning Boost with Monica
07:15 | 45 minutes | Themed class with Monica
18:15 | 60 minutes | Core Strengthening Mixed Level Flow with Lauren

06:55 | 15 minutes | Morning Boost with Jeanette
07:15 | 45 minutes | Themed class with Jeanette
10:00 | 60 minutes | Core Focus Intermediate with Jeanette

09:00 | 60 minutes | Advanced Flow with Melissa
10:00 | 60 minutes | Kundalini Yoga with Viriam
10:15 | 60 minutes | Yin Yoga with Monica

08:45 | 60 minutes | Yoga for Runners and Athletes with Adam
10:00 | 60 minutes | Strong & Slow Intermediate with Monica
11:15 | 60 minutes | Gentle Glow -All Levels with Monica

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