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Ignite Your Practice: Exciting New Themes this June

We’re excited to announce the captivating themes for our online yoga classes in June! Get ready to ignite your practice with these empowering summery sessions:

Monday, 07:15 AM: Yoga for Strength (Intermediate) Unleash your inner power as we dive into a dynamic flow designed to build strength and resilience. Let’s embrace the challenge and take our practice to new heights!

Tuesday, 10:00 AM: Twist & Flow Detox Yoga (Mixed Level) Join us for a revitalizing session that will detoxify and rejuvenate your body and mind. Through invigorating twists and fluid flows, we’ll release tension and create space for renewed energy.

Wednesday, 06:30 PM: Heart Awakening Mixed Level Flow Open your heart and let your practice be guided by love and compassion. This heart-centered flow will nourish your soul, leaving you feeling grounded, connected, and uplifted.

Thursday, 07:15 AM: Backbend Focus (Advanced) Calling all advanced practitioners! Explore the transformative power of backbends as we delve into deep heart-opening postures. Together, we’ll expand our boundaries and embrace the freedom within.

Friday, 07:15 AM: Happy Hips and Lower Back Mixed Level Flow Indulge in a blissful practice that targets the hips and lower back, areas often holding tension and stress. Through gentle flows and soothing stretches, we’ll cultivate a sense of release and harmony.

Mark your calendars and join us on this transformative journey. Let’s come together, flow with intention, and nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits.


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