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Yoga for Cycling Injuries

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<b>Sarah</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

Yoga for Cycling Injuries

Common cycling injuries and how yoga can help in their prevention


Cycling is a demanding sport that requires both your mind and your body to be primed and focused. Cycling as a sport increases your strength and tones your muscles. It takes you to the outdoors and helps you connect with nature while also enhancing your focus and presence of mind, and it has so many other benefits. Cycling can enhance your coordination, improve the health of your heart and your cardiovascular fitness, and also help build your stamina.

But along with all of these great benefits that cycling offers, it is also a very demanding sport. The repetitive motions involved in cycling can lead to you feeling stiff. It can alter your posture as well as leave you feeling tight in your muscles. This repetitive use of your joints and muscles is also one of the reasons why cycling is often a cause of injury.

This is where yoga can help. Yoga is a full-body practice that can help you build flexibility and strength and regular practice can enhance the quality of your ride. Athletes can use yoga to improve functional strength relevant to cycling as well as all-around strength to prevent cycling injuries. Yoga also builds your stamina so you can cycle for longer periods of time. Doing a few yoga stretches before and after a cycling session has countless positive effects on your body. Cycling is a mentally and physically demanding sport, but by incorporating yoga in your practice you can reduce the stress and tension that cycling puts on your mind and your body before a cycling session as a warm-up, during the training session through the use of conscious breathwork, and after a session as part of your cool-down routine.

Cycling involves the use of some big muscle groups and important joints in your body such as your lower back, hamstrings, calves, feet, shoulders, and knee. The lack of a good warm-up or a cool-down routine can help avoid the misuse or overuse of these muscle groups and joints. Any injury to these areas can result in pain that can make it hard to go about your day-to-day activities. cycling injuries. A good warm-up primes and prepares your body, muscles and joints so it can deliver the best performance.

Yoga is a full-body practice that can help you build flexibility and strength and regular practice can enhance the quality of your ride.

Some common cycling injuries -

• Muscle sprains
• Lower back pain
• Knee pain
• Shoulder injuries
• Achilles tendonitis
• Foot pain and numbness
Yoga for immunity

How Yoga Prevents Cycling Injuries

Yoga can help counteract these risks in a number of ways. Through regular practice, yoga can not only reduce the frequency of injuries but also help prevent them by keeping your muscles and joints in good shape.

Yoga enhances balance, coordination, and focus -

The breathwork involved in a good yoga practice enhances your coordination and focus. It teaches you to find the calm within yourself even when you’re under stressful and demanding situations and can help focus your mind. Certain grounding yoga asanas can  also help enhance your balance on and off the bike. 

Yoga improves the durability and the mobility of joints -

Most cycling injuries are caused due to the repetitive motions involved in cycling that can cause your muscles and your joints to feel stiff over time. This is when the joints are most prone to injuries. Yoga can help strengthen these joints and muscles as well as enhance your range of motion so that your joints are better equipped to handle the sport.

Yoga improves joint alignment -

Practising yoga regularly will bring you more aware of your own body and the little changes you make in your form and alignment on your yoga mat will help you on the bike as well. This in turn will enhance your performance when you’re cycling and will help you become more aware of any postural or subtle movements that you may be doing wrong.

Yoga improves strength and flexibility -

Cycling requires your muscles to be in good shape, and through the practice of yoga, you can ensure that your body is working at its best. Many yoga poses are targeted towards building your strength and improving your flexibility, both of which are incredibly important when it comes to cycling.

More efficient breathing -

Another really important benefit of incorporating yoga into your cycling routine is the breathwork that comes with it. Yoga is a spiritual practice. Pranayama or yoga breath involves the use of deep, controlled and conscious breath that offers many benefits to your mind and your body. When you ride for longer periods of time, you may often begin to feel out of breath. Yoga can help increase your lung capacity and the practice of conscious breathing can help you cycle more efficiently by using your breath more efficiently. 



Yoga can help you feel more in touch with your surroundings through the use of meditative techniques along with all the physical benefits that it offers. It can help prepare your muscles for a ride, reduce the risk of injury, and restore and rejuvenate your body after a long cycling session. 

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5 Essential Warm-up Yoga Poses for Cyclists

Yoga warm up for cyclists

5 Essential Warm-up Yoga Poses for Cyclists

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Yoga warm up for cyclists
<b>Sarah</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

5 Essential Warm-up Yoga Poses for Cyclists


5 warm-up yoga poses for cyclists to awaken their muscles and their joints before your next ride. These poses can help you tighten any weak muscles, as well as stretch and release any tight muscles.

A good warm-up primes and prepares your body, muscles and joints so it can deliver the best performance. Warming up your body before any form of physical activity also protects the body from injury and aches, and should be an integral part of any physical workout so as to soften the strain that we put our bodies through. So many people pull a muscle daily because of the lack of a good warm-up or because they rush through a warm-up routine.

But the good news here is that your warm-up doesn’t need to be very long. With short targeted yoga practice, you can achieve the same benefits of a longer warm-up practice.  A good warm-up sequence is also a preventative measure to ensure your body is feeling loose and ready to get on the saddle.

The muscles you use most when you’re cycling are the hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. Additionally, it’s also important to do some full body stretches as well as stretches that target your shoulders and your lower back.

Yoga is a great tool for cyclists as it can help you prevent injury as well as help increase your overall comfort on the bike.


For each pose that you do, ensure you hold it for an extended period of time. The real benefits of stretching are obtained when the muscles relax. This is where the breathwork that comes with yoga practice can be really beneficial. If your mind and your breath are prone to drifting, try the box breath method where you inhale for a count of 5, hold the inhale for a count of 5, exhale for a count of 5, and then hold that exhale for a count of 5.

Here are 5 essential yoga poses you should do as part of your warm-up to awaken your muscles and your joints before your next ride. These poses can help you tighten any weak muscles, as well as stretch and release any tight muscles.


A standing forward fold stretches out the back of your legs as well as your spine and your shoulders. Release your arms down to the ground. You can also grab onto opposite elbows. It is an incredible asana that stretches the hamstrings, calves and hips and helps to relieve fatigue and tiredness from your body before your cycling session.

This is a simple pose that can help decompress the spine and release tension in the upper body and spine, as well as the hamstrings.

Yoga warm up for cyclists


During a cycling session, you spend a lot of time hunched over the bike that can make you feel stiff in your body. Side stretches are great as they help you by providing your body with some lateral movement that stretches and strengthens the torso. Along with being a great stretch for your entire body, it also improves your balance and stability.

This pose is also great for strengthening the muscles in your legs and stabilising the core.

Yoga warm up for cyclists


In this asana, you cross one leg onto the ground in front of you as you step forward. It releases tension that we hold in our glutes and also stretches the piriformis. This pose can help loosen the muscles in the glutes that you use when you paddle and can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your body before you head out for your next cycling session.

Yoga warm up for cyclists


This pose stretches your entire back as well as engages and warms up your glutes and your hamstrings, which is very important for cyclists. It also helps stabilise your core and your shoulders and can help you build endurance and stamina for longer rides.

Yoga warm up for cyclists


The downward-facing dog is a great pose to stretch out all the lazy and tight muscles in the hamstrings, calves, ankles, all the way down to your feet. Additionally, this pose also helps to lengthen your spine, which is great before a cycling session where you may be in a hunched position for extended periods of time. Walking out your downward dog can also help you get deeper into the stretch. Try to focus on getting your shoulders down and away from your ears so you can really feel the benefits of this pose all the way into your upper body as well as all the big muscle groups in your legs that you use when you ride.

Yoga warm up for cyclists


Don’t underestimate the benefits of a warm-up before cycling, or before any physical activity, you partake in. A good warm-up can help by increasing your blood flow, increasing your range of motion as well as raising your body temperature to prepare your muscles for the fluidity you need when you’re cycling. It doesn’t have to take long, as long as your practice targets the muscle groups you use most so that you can get the most out of a short practice.

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