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Ignite Your Practice: Exciting New Themes this June

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<b>Joanna</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

Ignite Your Practice: Exciting New Themes this June

We’re excited to announce the captivating themes for our online yoga classes in June! Get ready to ignite your practice with these empowering summery sessions:

Monday, 07:15 AM: Yoga for Strength (Intermediate) Unleash your inner power as we dive into a dynamic flow designed to build strength and resilience. Let’s embrace the challenge and take our practice to new heights!

Tuesday, 10:00 AM: Twist & Flow Detox Yoga (Mixed Level) Join us for a revitalizing session that will detoxify and rejuvenate your body and mind. Through invigorating twists and fluid flows, we’ll release tension and create space for renewed energy.

Wednesday, 06:30 PM: Heart Awakening Mixed Level Flow Open your heart and let your practice be guided by love and compassion. This heart-centered flow will nourish your soul, leaving you feeling grounded, connected, and uplifted.

Thursday, 07:15 AM: Backbend Focus (Advanced) Calling all advanced practitioners! Explore the transformative power of backbends as we delve into deep heart-opening postures. Together, we’ll expand our boundaries and embrace the freedom within.

Friday, 07:15 AM: Happy Hips and Lower Back Mixed Level Flow Indulge in a blissful practice that targets the hips and lower back, areas often holding tension and stress. Through gentle flows and soothing stretches, we’ll cultivate a sense of release and harmony.

Mark your calendars and join us on this transformative journey. Let’s come together, flow with intention, and nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits.


Enroll today and embark on your Vinyasa Yoga voyage with us!

Join our team of expert teachers who are all trained to teach vinyasa and traditional yoga.  Explore our memberships at Ālaya Yoga and start your journey to wellbeing today.

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Unleash the Transformative Essence of Ālaya Yoga Online Classes and its Hidden Gems

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<b>Joanna</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

Unleash the Transformative Essence of Ālaya Yoga Online Classes and its Hidden Gems

Finding balance and nurturing our physical and mental well-being is of utmost importance. That’s where Ālaya Yoga Online comes in, offering a diverse range of yoga classes that cater to specific needs experienced by our students. Whether you lack energy, feel stiff and tired, seek challenges, need core strengthening, wish to calm your mind, harness energy, or boost your athletic performance, we offer the right class for you. Join us on a journey of self-discovery as we explore the key concerns behind our invigorating and transformative yoga classes.

Monday at 17:30 pm – Mixed Level Chakra Flow with Kate

Challenge: needing an energy/vitality boost?

Are you struggling to find the energy and vitality to power through your daily routine? Kate’s Mixed Level Chakra Flow is the perfect remedy. Through a harmonious blend of yoga poses and energy-balancing techniques, Kate will guide you towards unlocking the dormant energy within your body, leaving you revitalised and ready to step into your day!

Tuesday at 19:15 pm – Restore and Revive with Carolann

Challenge: feeling stiff and tired, needing space inside your body and mind?

After a long day, do you often find yourself feeling stiff, tired, and longing for inner spaciousness? Carolann’s Restore and Revive class offers a sanctuary for your body and mind. With gentle stretching, restorative poses, and guided meditation, Carolann will help you release tension, find inner calm, and create a sense of openness within.

Wednesday at 7:15 am – Strong Flow Intermediate with Lalit

Challenge: looking for a challenge to ignite new projects?

Do you crave a little challenge to kickstart your new projects? Lalit’s Strong Flow Intermediate class is designed to energise and inspire you to act! Through a dynamic sequence of poses and deep, long breaths, Lalit will encourage you to stretch your boundaries on the mat, build strength, and tap into your potential. By integrating the principles and techniques learned in this class, you’ll not only witness performance enhancements and tension release on the mat but also be empowered to seamlessly apply them to your everyday life.

Thursday at 18:15 pm – Core Strengthening Mixed Level Flow with Lisa

Challenge: needing to strengthen body and mind from the inside out?

If you’re searching for a holistic approach to strengthen both your body and mind, Lisa’s Core Strengthening Mixed Level Flow is the ideal choice. This class targets your core muscles, improves stability, and cultivates mental resilience. Lisa’s guidance will empower you to develop a strong foundation, enabling you to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.

Friday at 10 am – Dynamic Mixed Level Flow with Jeanette

Challenge: looking into deepening your breath, calming your mind, and energising your body?

As the weekend approaches, Jeanette’s Dynamic Mixed Level Flow class offers a delightful combination of breath and movement synchronisation, so called mindful movement, and energy stimulation. Unwind from the week’s stress, deepen your breath, calm your mind, and prepare your body for a rejuvenating and blissful weekend ahead.

Saturday at 10 am – Kundalini Yoga with Viriam

Challenge: interested in harnessing your energy and strengthening the nervous system?

For those seeking a powerful way to harness energy and strengthen the nervous system, Viriam’s Kundalini yoga class is a transformative experience. Dive deep into Kundalini practices, including breath, chanting, and dynamic movements, to awaken your inner potential and meet life’s challenges with renewed vitality.

Sunday at 8:45 am – Yoga for Runners and Athletes with Adam

Challenge: looking into boosting your performance and releasing tension on and off the mat?

Calling all athletes and runners! Adam’s yoga for runners and athletes class is specifically tailored to address your need of boosting performance and releasing tension. Whether you’re an avid marathon runner or a dedicated athlete, this class is designed to elevate your performance from day one!

During this specialised session, Adam will guide you through a series of yoga poses and targeted stretches that specifically include areas prone to tightness and tension in athletes. By incorporating dynamic movements, deep stretching, and mindful breaths, you’ll not only improve your flexibility, but also release any accumulated tension in your muscles and joints. Remember, it’s not just about the physical practice, but the holistic integration of yoga into your athletic lifestyle that will truly transform your performance! 

At Ālaya Yoga, we get it. We understand the unique needs and hurdles our students come across.

Our diverse range of yoga classes is carefully curated to address these concerns and provide transformative experiences that extend beyond the mat. Whether you’re seeking to boost your energy, release tension, find inner strength, or enhance your athletic performance, our expert instructors are here to guide you on your yoga path into optimal health and well-being!

To make it even easier for you to embark on this journey, we offer a generous 10-day free trial, giving you ample time to explore our classes and discover the ones that resonate with your needs! With over 130 live classes available every month and the convenience of 7-day playbacks, an access to our library with over 80 classes at any time, you can practice at your own pace and according to your schedule.

All of this is available for the incredible price of only 49 cents per day! For less than a cup of coffee, you can have unlimited access to our diverse range of yoga classes, expert instruction, and a supportive community that will uplift and inspire you!

We can’t wait to welcome you in our online yoga studio and community!

Enroll today and embark on your Vinyasa Yoga voyage with us!

Join our team of expert teachers who are all trained to teach vinyasa and traditional yoga.  Explore our memberships at Ālaya Yoga and start your journey to wellbeing today.

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Yoga for Plus-Size Beginners

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<b>Joanna</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

Yoga for Plus-Size Beginners

If you’re new to yoga and self-identify as plussize, starting a yoga practice can be intimidating. There’s the fear of not being able to ‘measure up’ to the more experienced yogis in class, or simply not knowing where to begin.
If this sounds like you, then Alaya Yoga is here to tell you that you’re not alone and that yoga for plussize beginners is a great way to improve your health and well-being!

In this guide, we’ll explore why yoga is an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their fitness level, reduce stress, and increase overall flexibility. Additionally, we’ll also provide some tips on how to get started, find the right class, and choose the best yoga gear for plussize beginners.

Why Yoga is Perfect for PlusSize Beginners
When it comes to wellness options for plussize individuals, yoga stands out for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

1. It’s Low Impact
As a beginner, you want to avoid anything too intense that might lead to injury. Compared to other workouts such as running or high-impact aerobics, yoga is low-impact and therefore gentler on your joints.

2. It Builds Strength and Flexibility
One of the most significant benefits of adding yoga to your wellness routine is the way it builds strength and flexibility. Because yoga involves holding challenging poses, even the ones who are new to yoga will feel the burn and begin to tone their muscles over time.

3. It Enhances Mental Well-being
In addition to its physical benefits, yoga is also known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. By focusing on your breath and taking time to connect with yourself, you’ll develop a stronger mind-body connection that will help you feel more centered and calm throughout the day.

4. It’s Accessible
Finally, the beauty of yoga is that it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size, or fitness level. With so many different types of yoga available on our platform, there’s truly something for everyone, and you’ll find that the Alaya yoga community is incredibly welcoming and supportive.

Tips for Getting Started with Yoga

If you’re new to yoga, it’s essential to take some time to prepare yourself for your first class. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Invest in the Right Gear
One of the most important things you can do to make your yoga practice more comfortable and effective is to invest in the right gear. For plussize beginners, this means finding a mat that’s thick enough to provide ample cushioning for your joints and choosing comfortable workout clothes that allow for ease of movement.

2. Start Slowly
Yoga is not a competition, and it’s crucial to remember that as you begin your practice. Start slowly and focus on mastering the basics before moving on to more advanced poses. Remember that everyone starts somewhere, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not able to do everything at once!

3. Find the Right Class
With so many different types of yoga out there, it’s important to find the right class for your needs. For beginners, a gentle or restorative yoga class might be the best option, as they tend to move at a slower pace and offer modifications for those who need them. At the end of this article, we suggest Alaya classes to get you started on the right foot!

4. Focus on Your Breath
Throughout your yoga practice, your breath will be your guide. It’s essential to focus on slow, even breathing and to use your inhales and exhales to help you move deeper into each pose. By doing so, you’ll develop a stronger mind-body connection and fully experience the benefits of your yoga practice. Our teachers will guide you on your breath and movement during each class.

Final Thoughts

For anyone looking to improve their health and well-being, yoga is an excellent option – especially for plussize beginners. With its low-impact nature, ability to build strength and flexibility, and focus on mental well-being, yoga truly is an accessible workout for everyone no matter the size!

So if you’re ready to take the next step on your fitness journey, consider adding Alaya yoga classes to your routine. With a little bit of preparation and the right mindset, you’ll find that yoga can help you achieve greater physical and mental health and become the best version of yourself!

Our Alaya Yoga suggested classes on our weekly schedule:

  • Monday 10 am Yin Yoga 

  • Monday 8 pm Restore and Revive

  • Tuesday 7:15 pm Beginners Yoga

  • Wednesday 7:45 pm Gentle Evening Flow

  • Thursday 6:15 pm Core Strengthening Mixed Level Flow

  • Friday 6:55 am Morning Boost 

  • Saturday 11:30 am Let’s Get Started

  • Saturday 12:05 Beginners Express

  • Sunday 11:15 am Gentle Glow 

Enrol today and start your yoga journey now!

Join us for our Let’s Get Started Class and take your first step towards a healthier, happier life through yoga. Our expert teachers provide a safe, relaxed, and supportive environment for beginners, with a focus on proper alignment, breathing techniques, and variations of each pose. Whether you’re young or old, fit or not, our 30-minute beginner-friendly class is tailored to suit everyone’s needs. So, don’t hesitate and sign up now

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Get Your Yoga On

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<b>Joanna</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

Get Your Yoga On

Join Our Beginner-Friendly 'Let's Get Started Class' Today

Yoga has been gaining popularity in recent years as people look for ways to de-stress and improve their overall well-being. It’s a form of exercise that can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels, and the best part is that it’s accessible to everyone! If you’re new to yoga, it’s natural to feel a bit intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer number of poses and styles out there. That’s where our “Let’s Get Started Class” comes in!

Our beginner-friendly class is designed to help you get started with yoga in a safe, relaxed, light-hearted, and supportive environment. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with more experienced practitioners or feeling self-conscious about your level of flexibility or fitness. This class is specially tailored to people who are just starting on their yoga journey, so you can rest assured that you won’t get left behind or lost.

The Let’s Get Started Class focuses on proper alignment, breathing techniques, and variations of each pose to help you build a strong foundation and prevent injuries as you progress in your yoga practice. Our expert teachers will guide you through each pose, breaking down the steps and providing modifications for any physical limitations or injuries you may have. This class is also a great space to awaken your understanding that yoga is for absolutely everybody! Whether you’re young or old, fit or not, you can benefit from this practice.

During this 30-minute class, you’ll have plenty of time to absorb the theory and practicalities around areas like Surya Namaskar (the sun salutations that we do before each class), props, how to modify the asana for maximum inclusion, and even what the names mean. With your foundations in place, this class aims to prepare individuals for a more flowy beginner’s class, so they can feel confident and comfortable moving through a yoga sequence without distractions.

We created this class with those beginning their yoga journey in mind and heart. This is a truly supportive setting, giving the absolute beginner all of the close attention to detail they deserve from our expert team so they can build a lasting and sustainable relationship with yoga. The Let’s Get Started Class is an excellent opportunity to start your journey toward better health and well-being. So why not take that first step and join us for this class?

If you’re ready to get started with yoga, we encourage you to check out our website for more information on our beginner classes and other offerings. Don’t be shy – take that first step and discover the many benefits of yoga today!

Let’s Get Started Yoga Class every Saturday at 11:30 am

Enrol today and start your yoga journey now!

Join us for our Let’s Get Started Class and take your first step towards a healthier, happier life through yoga. Our expert teachers provide a safe, relaxed, and supportive environment for beginners, with a focus on proper alignment, breathing techniques, and variations of each pose. Whether you’re young or old, fit or not, our 30-minute beginner-friendly class is tailored to suit everyone’s needs. So, don’t hesitate and sign up for our Let’s Get Started Class every Saturday at 11:30 am

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Vinyasa Yoga: A Journey of Mind, Body, and Breath

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<b>Joanna</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga: A Journey of Mind, Body, and Breath

Yoga has been a significant practice for individuals seeking physical and mental well-being for centuries. With its various styles and approaches, yoga offers an opportunity to explore and connect with our inner self. One such yoga style is Vinyasa Yoga, which is becoming increasingly popular among yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

The term ‘Vinyasa’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘nyasa’ meaning ‘to place’ and ‘vi’ meaning ‘in a special way’. Vinyasa Yoga refers to the synchronization of breath with movement, where every movement is accompanied by an inhale or exhale, and each pose flows seamlessly into the next. This style of yoga is also known as Vinyasa Flow, as it creates a continuous flow of movement, making it a dynamic and challenging practice.

The origin of Vinyasa Yoga can be traced back to the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya, who is considered the father of modern yoga. Krishnamacharya’s students, B.K.S. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois, further developed this style of yoga, making it more accessible to a broader audience. They both created their unique approaches to Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar focusing on alignment and Jois on a more vigorous practice.
Vinyasa Yoga has become a popular style of yoga due to its flowing nature, where each movement is linked to a breath and becomes a moving meditation. The practice helps to develop physical strength, flexibility, and balance, while also improving mental focus and awareness. It’s a great way to reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing mindfulness and relaxation.

If you’re interested in trying Vinyasa Yoga or want to deepen your practice, Alaya Yoga Online offers a fantastic opportunity to practice from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. For only €14,99 with no contract, plus free 10 Days trial, access to 130 live classes per month, and 7-day playback! You can subscribe and access a variety of Vinyasa Yoga classes led by experienced teachers. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Alaya Yoga Online has something for everyone. Why wait any longer? Enroll today and embark on your Vinyasa Yoga voyage with us!

Enroll today and embark on your Vinyasa Yoga voyage with us!

Join our team of expert teachers who are all trained to teach vinyasa and traditional yoga.  Explore our memberships at Ālaya Yoga and start your journey to wellbeing today.

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Explore the Asana of the Month – Virbhadrasana A

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why you should try yoga
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<b>Monica</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

Explore the Asana of the Month – Virbhadrasana A

Virbhadrasana A

Warrior Pose is one of the most iconic asanas in the Yoga practice, which find its place in all the sequences.

Standing poses like this one are also said to help practitioners discover courage, perseverance, and self-empowerment to boot—reserves any warrior would need. And hence it physically requires you to engage your whole body and calls for overall strength.

We hope that detailed alignment tips will help you understand this asana better; however, while trying this, listen to your body to prevent yourself from unwanted injuries. Enjoy where you are in the asana, and go deeper with your practice.

Cues to get into the asana:

1. Start in downward dog.

2. Step your right leg forward between your palms. Keep your front knee bent at 90.

3. Rotate your back heel to turn your toes towards the longer edge of the Mat.

4. Keep your heels in one line, sweep your arms, raise them to the ceiling and join your palms.

5. Gaze at your thumbs.

6. Repeat on the other side.

Alignment Cues:

1. Front knee and ankle in the same line.

2. Front thigh parallel to the floor

3. Torso turned to the shorter edge of the Mat. Keep your pelvis parallel to the short edge of the Mat. Hips square.

3. Spine long and chest lifted and open.

4. Back leg quad muscles are active, and the knee cap is pulled up.

5. Pull your navel to your spine to engage your core, and stretch the abdomen up.

6. Back foot pressing the floor away.


  • Works on your Hip Flexors.
  • Improves your Body posture.
  • Strengthens your leg muscles. Increases your stability and balance.
  • Improves self-esteem.
  •  Builds your core strength.

Do you have any asana you would like to explore a bit more? Let us know and we will love to share it with you.

At Ālaya Yoga, we’ve got a team of expert teachers who are all trained to teach to all levels, including complete beginners. Try 10 free days of Ālaya Yoga and start your journey to holistic wellbeing today.

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Corporate Yoga and Other Workplace Practices for Better Health

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why you should try yoga
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<b>J Bellows</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

J Bellows
Ālaya Yoga

Corporate Yoga and Other Workplace Practices for Better Health

It goes without saying that working conditions can greatly affect the health and well-being of employees. This study published on NCBI points out that occupational stress and unpredictable schedules can result in burnout, cardiovascular problems, and psychological distress. More often than not, high physical demands and long working hours can also cause muscle pain and even disability.

Although these may sound concerning, there are definitely ways to improve your working condition. The same study above states that workers who have social support and access to health and wellness initiatives have a better well-being. Corporate yoga programmes, for one, can foster stress reduction. So on that note, this article has listed how corporate yoga, alongside other crucial workplace practises, can generate better health outcomes for you.

1. Monitor your work hours

Perhaps the most straightforward practise in this list, monitoring your work hours allows you to recognise when it’s time to take a breather and slow down. The referenced NCBI study shows that higher incidences of stress and burnout are due to increased work hours. In fact, working more than 55 hours per week dramatically heightens risks of heart disease and stroke. In some cases, it can also exacerbate psychological problems. One recourse to take when you notice you’ve been frequently working overtime is to go on a mental health leave. Fortunately, a feature from Fortune India reports that several companies have introduced employee-friendly policies like mental health leaves, so you can opt to utilise them to rest your mind and body.

2. Participate in corporate yoga sessions

Yoga practises positively impact one’s health by increasing blood circulation, improving mental concentration, and encouraging mobility. As our post “Yoga for Corporate and Office Workers” points out, yoga within the workplace can likewise help minimise sick leave rates and mitigate the occurrence of common illnesses and psychological problems. This is because yoga provides a holistic means to achieve better health and wellness. Participating in corporate yoga doesn’t merely require determination and discipline on your end, but social support from colleagues, too. It’s easy enough to incorporate yoga in your workplace, as this can be done through simple breathing exercises and stretches and meditation. However, try to regularly give out words of encouragement to promote consistency in your coworkers’ yoga practise as well.

3. Opt for healthy meals during lunch breaks

Food gives you the energy you need to power through your daily workload and focus on your tasks. However, it’s important to keep in mind that certain ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, provide you with better nutrients than fried foods or sugar-filled snacks. On the other hand, actively restricting yourself from eating your favourite foods can make your lunch break less enjoyable. This is why you should strike a balance between both and eat intuitively during workhours. As the podcast Going Beyond the Food explains, intuitive eating means that your meal choices are guided by a healthy attitude towards food. One principle of intuitive eating that you should follow is incorporating nutritious ingredients into well-loved snacks. If you have a sweet tooth, toss in your favourite fruits in a yogurt bowl rather than reaching for a slice of cake. Great food can keep you happy and satisfied through busy workdays; just remember to opt for healthy meals that can keep you in top condition.

4. Utilise aromatherapy in the office

Aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils, is sought to relieve symptoms such as sore joints and headaches. This article from Springer on aromatherapy discusses how it can also enhance mood and alertness while alleviating mental stress. All those considered, essential oils can be quite advantageous in the workplace, especially when you need a pick-me-up in between working hours. They’re easy enough to store in your desk drawer. And because essential oils are applied on the skin, they’re seamless to use whenever you need them. A little goes a long way, too, so you can certainly share the products with your colleagues to ensure they experience the same benefits.

Great health is incredibly important in the workplace, especially amidst occupational stress and long hours. Following the above practises is crucial if you wish to enhance your working conditions. In doing so, you can likewise experience better health outcomes.

Ready to give yoga a try?

At Ālaya Yoga, we’ve got a team of expert teachers who are all trained to teach to all levels, including complete beginners. Try Ālaya Yoga and start your journey to holistic wellbeing today.

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9 short and sweet warm-up sequence

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<b>Monica</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

9 short and sweet warm-up sequence

Here's a quick and gentle warm-up sequence for your practice

A gentle warm-up right before the Yoga practice can make a lot of difference in how you feel throughout your practice. Warming up can make your movement easy and smooth by removing the morning stiffness of the body.

Very accessible warm-up you can catch up before heading to your day to open your body and still your mind.

Asanas to include to cover all the key stations in your warm-up sequence 

Start in Sukhasana: 2 minutes

1. Cross your legs and sit with spine straight, aligning your neck, spine and your hips.

2. Rest your palms on your knees with palms facing down.

3. Gently close your eye and draw your awareness inwards. Observe your breath.

Side Body Release: One minute (30 seconds each side)

1. Inhale – Raise both your arms up to lengthen your spine.

2. Exhale to place your right hand on the right side and bend to your right.

3. Left arm stretching up, stretching your side rib cage.

4. Inhale to come back in the center.

5. Exhale and repeat on your left.

Forward stretch: One minute

From side release, come back in the centre, lengthen your spine, place your palms in front shoulder distance apart, and fold forward.

Side Twist: One minute (30 seconds each side)

1. From the forward fold come back to the centre. Inhale to lengthen your spine.

2. Exhale to place your right palm behind your right hip, left palm over your right knee and twist.

3. Look over your right shoulder.

4. Come back to the centre, lengthen, and repeat on your left.

Shoulder Rotation: 30 seconds

1. Bring your knees together from Sukhasana, and swing them back to place your sit bones over your heels to sit in Vajrasana.

2. Spread your arms parallel to the floor in a T-shape.

3. Rotate your arms from the shoulder socket – clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Shoulder opening: One Minute

1. From the T shape, sitting in Vajrasana, stretch your arms back.

2. Interlace your fingers.

3. Lengthen your Spine, and stretch your arms towards the floor while opening your chest.

Cat & Cow: Ten Rounds

1. From Vajrasana, place your palms forward, shoulder distance apart.

2. Knee hip distance apart.

3. Wrist in line with shoulders, and knees in line with hips.

4. Inhale and move your chin and chest up, arching your spine.

5. Exhale, bring your chin to the chest, rounding your spine.

Move to Downward Dog - 30 Seconds

1. From Cat & Cow – Tuck your toes, lift your knees and bring your hips back.

2. You can walk your heels to get rid of the stiffness from your hamstrings.

Relax your Body & Mind in the Child Pose: One Minute

1. From Downward dog, bring your knees down on the floor, bring your sit bones over your heels and fold.

2. Relax your head and hands.

3 Breath and take this time to connect back and relax your whole body.

Hope this helps you catch up with your practice when you have only a few minutes to move. All you need is a small corner to practice this warm-up, so the place is no constraint. Of course, if you have everything you need for the entire practice, then jump to our live class schedule and join your favourite class now

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Yoga and Ayurveda to Reduce Stress

Way to a Safe Yoga Practice

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why you should try yoga
<b>Monica</b><br>Ālaya Yoga

Ālaya Yoga

Way to a Safe Yoga Practice

Here are some tips for finding your way to a safe yoga practice.

Yoga has countless benefits, but when done incorrectly, it can result in injuries, including pulled muscles, aching joints, and torn ligaments. Sometimes, it can lead to more severe injuries if not practised safely.

All the possible injuries are not something to be scared of, and leave the practice. Knowing your practice is what is essential for safe practice. Knowledge of practising your asanas safely brings more depth to your practice and intensifies your awareness.

What can cause a Yoga injury?

Not enough warm-up. Stretching and straining your muscles without getting rid of the morning stiffness of the muscles can cause injury. Let your muscles warm up before moving to intense practice.

Inappropriate body weight distribution. Shifting all the weight to one side and not keeping body weight in the Centre.

Not respecting your capabilities and pushing the body beyond the limits.

Not having stability in your asana, feet and palms not being firm on the ground can make one imbalance and cause injury.

 Not following basic alignment cues. Basic alignment is essential for proper grounding and equal weight distribution and fully benefiting from an asana.

Not staying aware of the body’s sensations and breath patterns. Body sensation and breathing patterns will tell you much about what is happening within your body and take necessary action if anything feels unconformable.

 Lack of awareness of existing illnesses or medical conditions can also worsen the situation. Knowing your condition and modifying the asana as per that will make your practice very fruitful.


More specific tips to keep it safe

Bend your knees in forward folds if your hamstrings are tight and not ready yet.

It is always safe to bend your knees while coming up from a standing forward fold. This way, you save your hamstrings and lower back from taking the extra strain.

Engage your Quadriceps (thigh muscles) to prevent extra strain on your hamstrings in all deep stretches.

Lengthening your Spine before a twist and forward fold is always a good idea to keep it safe for your lower back and hip flexors.

 Work a routine to open your shoulder and chest. Open shoulders will prevent many shoulder injuries

Avoid rounding the back in forward folds. It is ok to bend your knees instead of going deeper down with too tight hamstrings. You can also try sitting on a cushion or a block in seated forward folds.

 Hyperextending those knees is a no-no. Always have knees in a micro-bend position over hyperextending them to save those precious joints.

 We are here to help you to keep your journey safe and sustainable. Have a conversation with our teachers after the class if you have any questions or want to know more about any pose’s safety. 

You can also post your questions on the community hub, and we will get all the information you need

nowing your practice is what is essential for safe practice. Knowledge of practising your asanas safely brings more depth to your practice and intensifies your awareness.

Ready to give yoga a try?

At Ālaya Yoga, we’ve got a team of expert teachers who are all trained to teach to all levels, including complete beginners. Try Ālaya Yoga and start your journey to holistic wellbeing today.

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Partnership Announcement: LIA and Alaya Yoga

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Partnership Announcement: LIA and Alaya Yoga

LIA and Alaya Yoga Announce Wellness Partnership to Bring Bespoke Wellness Solution

We are elated to announce our partnership with LIA, the centre of excellence for the Education and Development of Finance Professionals. 

LIA is dedicated to enabling and promoting the highest quality standards in financial advisory practice. For almost 30  years, LIA in Ireland has played a key role in improving the standards of professionalism amongst those who give and support financial advice, through their educational offerings (circa 6.5k exam sittings annually) and professional development opportunities. 

What is LIA’s Affinity Scheme?

LIA’s Affinity Scheme provides a suite of carefully curated offers and discounts available exclusively to LIA members, and is aimed at assisting them in achieving a greater level of wellbeing. Whether it’s personal or professional coaching, educational courses or public speaking training to help boost their career – or health insurance, yoga or meditation to aid physical and mental health, LIA’s new Affinity Scheme has members covered!

Member Benefits:

Our partnership with LIA aims to introduce the amazing benefits of yoga to all its Affinity Scheme members at a special discounted price. Members get unlimited access to over 130 live, interactive, and inspiring online yoga classes per month with our team of highly experienced Yoga Teachers. Apart from access to our live classes, our members never miss a class with our unique 7-Day Playback Feature and our incredible on-demand library of classes. Click here to learn more 



Let Alaya Yoga help you stay motivated

We’ve got loads of yoga motivation for you over on the Alaya Yoga app, including loads of express classes and challenges. 

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